How To Grow Garlic

Growing Garlic

There are many vegetable crops that can be grown in the garden, but there are few as easy and rewarding as garlic. Whether it's planting the bulbs in fall when most other crops are finished growing or the enjoyment of seeing the young garlic plants popping out of the ground first in spring, garlic keeps things interesting all year.

Garlic growing can be as simple as planting a few bulbs in a flower bed for fun or as elaborate as growing an entire field with thousands of plants to sell to customers. No matter how much garlic you grow or what your purpose for planting is, the same basic principles for growing can be used for both large and small growers.

If you're a serious garlic grower or someone who wants to learn as much as possible, we highly recommend that you read through our garlic growing pages listed below or our detailed blog articles

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The following pages listed below give detailed instructions on how to grow garlic as successfully as possible. As well, we've included brief descriptions of how we grow our own garlic. 

    1. Choosing Your Garlic Seed
    2. The Best Garlic Soils
    3. How To Plant Garlic 
    4. Weeding Strategies
    5. Watering Garlic
    6. Removing Scapes
    7. Harvesting Garlic Bulbs
    8. Drying & Storing Garlic