How To Grow Garlic

Why You Should Grow Garlic On Raised Beds

Planting garlic on raised beds

Using raised beds for growing vegetables has been around for thousands of years. People learned early on, that by building up the soil into mounds or beds, they could improve the growth of their crops. Today, this tradition of growing garlic on raised beds is being continued by farmers and gardeners all over the world. It is also being "relearned" by many growers.....

Learn How To Fertilize Your Garlic

Garlic Compost

Garlic is a heavy feeder and requires high soil fertility to perform at its best. When nutrients are at optimum levels, plant growth is healthy and bulb size is maximized. Poor soil fertility is one of the most overlooked factors affecting garlic bulb size at harvest and can be easily avoided with proper planning.

Planting Garlic In The Fall: 3 Important Steps

Planting Garlic In Fall

In most of the United States, garlic is usually planted in the fall. This allows the garlic to grow a significant number of roots over winter, giving the plants a head start first thing in spring. Even in warm southern regions where winters are mild, fall planting is important because most of the top growth needs to happen before the extreme heat of late spring arrives.

The Best Time To Harvest Your Garlic

When to harvest garlic

In the Northern United States, garlic is usually harvested from mid-July to mid-August depending on the region and type of garlic being grown. In warmer regions like the Southern United States.....

How To Plant Garlic In Spring

How to plant garlic in spring

Although garlic is ideally planted in the fall, it is still possible to grow and harvest beautiful bulbs if you miss planting before winter. The following tips are the most important things to consider.....

Difference Between Hardneck & Softneck Garlic

Hardneck Garlic Scape
Being able to tell the difference between hardneck and softneck garlic is quite easy. Hardneck garlic varieties send up a flowering stock called the scape.....