Artichoke Garlic Family

Artichoke Garlic Bulbs

Artichoke garlic is named for the way the cloves are arranged inside the bulb, which looks much like the layered structure of an artichoke. Under ideal growing condition, they can produce very large bulbs and are great for making braids.


Since Artichoke garlic varieties are softnecks, they tend to do very well in warm regions. They can also do well in colder regions like the Northern United States if covered by mulch for the winter. The colder the climate, the more likely plants can experience winter kill, especially if not protected by mulch. Can be grown in Hardiness Zone 3, however, does best in zone 4 or higher.    

Bulbs & Bulbils

Bulbs have between 8 and 14 cloves of various sizes depending on the variety and growing region. The warmer the location, the more cloves per bulbs there are. 

The plants tend to be on the shorter side with broad horizontal leaves and do not produce a scape, which means they don't have bulbils. The lack of scape often makes them less work than hardneck garlics during the growing season.

After harvest, the plants can be braided or trimmed for long term storage. They are one of the longest storing garlics with a storage ability of between 8 months and a year.


Artichokes can have good flavour, however are generally regarded as having a less complex taste than other family groups.

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