Purple Stripe Garlic Family

Purple Stripe Garlic Family

Standard Purple Stripe garlic is a diverse group of hardnecks that are considered to be the oldest and most genetically similar to the first garlics grown thousands of years ago. It is believed that all other garlic varieties originate from the purple stripe group. They have beautiful coloring with bright purple streaks on both bulbs and cloves.

It is important to distinguish these garlics from the two other similarly named families (Marbled Purple Stripe and Glazed Purple Stripe) as they are all genetically different from each other. The three groups of Purple Stripe garlics are often mistakenly grouped together due to their name, however they are each genetically unique and no more related to each other than to other groups such as Rocamboles or Porcelains.


Purple stripes are cold hardy and require exposure to cold temperature in order to thrive and develop large bulbs. They are well suited for growing in the coldest regions of the United States as they tend to preform best in colder climates.

Bulbs & Bulbils

Cloves are noticeably tall and crescent shaped. Bulbs generally produce 8 to 12 cloves each. The plants produce scapes with and umbel capsules usually containing a large quantity of small to medium sized bulbils. Scape removal is important to ensure maximum bulb size.

Storage and Flavor

Purple Stripe garlic generally stores for 4 to 8 months and has very good flavour which increases in intensity, complexity and heat as it ages. They are know for their roasting qualities, however can be used in general cooking as well.