The Master Guide to Growing Big Garlic: E-book


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Growing Big Garlic Ebook

Everything You'll Ever Need to Know About Growing Garlic! 

The Master Guide To Growing Big Garlic is a comprehensive e-book full of detailed advice on how to grow amazing garlic from start to finish! Included are pictures to help illustrate important ideas, as well as practical knowledge that will help you learn everything you need to know about the process of growing garlic.

Professionally written, it is loaded with tips, techniques and strategies that will save you time and money no matter your experience level. Both new and long-time growers will benefit from reading. 

Instant Access

Get access immediately with an instant download of the e-book once you've placed your order.  It comes in an easy to read format that can be used on any device, including phones, tablets or desktop computers. 

There are no time limits or limitations for how long you can access the material. It's yours to own and use for as long as you like.  

What You'll Find Inside

Here are just a few of the secrets you'll find inside The Master Guide To Growing Big Garlic:

  • The 8 most important criteria for choosing a location
  • How to prepare different soil types properly
  • Best garlic varieties for growing the largest bulbs
  • The 4 easiest ways to plant garlic with less work
  • How to control problem weeds 
  • How to feed your garlic properly with important nutrients 
  • What 12 major pests you should be looking for and how to avoid them

Can't find good information elsewhere? 

Most of the information available in gardening books and on the internet is either too basic or incomplete. As well, publications such as farm manuals and government extension bulletins are often too technical because they are designed for large commercial farms. This makes it difficult for most growers to get the information they need to maximize their garlic growing success.  

The Master Guide To Growing Big Garlic has over 165 pages of valuable advice specifically tailored for gardeners and small farms. Unlike other cheap ebooks, it doesn't have "filler" pages to bulk up the content.

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What are the benefits

Here are a few of the benefits of reading The Master Guide To Growing Big Garlic:

  • Grow huge garlic bulbs every year
  • Save yourself time and money
  • Avoid costly growing mistakes and pitfalls
  • Learn 140 years of farm knowledge in just 1 or 2 days
  • Make growing more efficient and easier for yourself

Who's The Author

John is an agronomist and farmer who specializes in growing high-quality garlic. He took over the family farm from his grandfather in 2006 and has slowly grown the operation.

He's dedicated to constantly discovering new things about growing garlic and sharing it with others who want to learn. In this book, he has put together all the farm knowledge his family has acquired over the past 140 years!


"I'm an avid gardener who loves growing vegetables in my back yard with my two boys. When I started growing garlic I always ended up with tiny bulbs. I became so discouraged that I even considered quitting altogether. After reading John's book, I learned things I never even imagined. Now I'm excited to grow garlic again"   Louis Demers - Gardener

"Our small farm has grown garlic for many years and never seemed to have any great success. John taught us about diseases, fertility and planting strategies on how to grow garlic properly. Now our harvests are thankfully much larger! His simple and practical advice has helped us save a huge amount of time and money."    Mandi Jebb  - The Urban Farm

"John is an amazing grower with a huge amount of valuable advice. He has taught me many things over the years. His attention to detail and willingness to share knowledge is priceless!"   Johnathan Steves - Steve's Farm

"Awesome book! Loved it!! A huge amount of knowledge and worth much more than the cost of the book!" 
  Bruce Peters - Rural Gardener

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The Master Guide To Growing Big Garlic is an e-book, delivered to you as an instant download to your phone, tablet or computer so that you can read it immediately after placing your order. If you prefer a printed copy, you are able to print the book.

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Growing garlic has never been more popular or exciting! We encourage every grower to learn as much as possible. Each chapter is full of useful information, helpful tips and valuable advice from a garlic growing expert.